Lakeside Mattress®

Be wide awake when it matters most—live life on a Lakeside Mattress®!

Create a cozy space for sleep and beyond, starting with a comfortable, customizable mattress.

Each of our flip-and-turn mattresses is made from healthy, simple, traditional components.

Every component in our mattresses can be 100% recycled. We’ll even recycle your old mattress now!

Shop local, buy local: Our mattresses are handcrafted in Northern Michigan!

Come in and let our sleep experts help you discover the life-enhancing benefits of a Lakeside Mattress®!

Flip + Turn

Every mattress is designed so you can flip and turn it, which prolongs the life of your mattress to give you years of comfort and support.

Lakeside Mattress®

The inspiration for the Lakeside Mattress® line comes from the dream-like feeling you experience as the evening sun reflects on the lake and retreats down past the tree-line.

Riverbed Collection

Often connected to a lake, rivers are known for their relaxing sounds — the rippling of water as it flows through nature’s pathway.

Be wide awake when it matters most.

Discover the performance-enhancing benefits of a great night’s sleep on a Lakeside Mattress®! Our team of sleep experts looks forward to helping you find your perfect new fit.

The Lakeside Mattress Story:

In 2010, after decades of carrying and conducting service on the major national brands, the Lakeside Mattress® and Riverbed Collections were born. In order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we made a commitment to provide two-sided mattresses handcrafted right here in Northern Michigan. Designed by us, and made from healthy, simple, traditional components, you’ll find our prices and features to be an exceptional value. It’s time to discover the performance-enhancing benefits of a great night’s sleep. It’s time to “be wide awake when it matters most”!