Here are some tips to help you get a better night’s sleep and make the most of your new mattress from Golden-Fowler Home Furnishings!


  • Keep a regular bedtime schedule, even on weekends. When you’re rested, use the extra time awake to do the things there isn’t time for otherwise.
  • Turn on the lights nice and bright when you get up and if it’s light outside, open the shades. This tells your body and mind it’s time to become alert and active! Make your bed and have a great day!
  • Caffeine can cause sleep problems up to 12 hours after drinking it. Eliminate caffeine after lunch. Have a refreshing beverage in the mid afternoon when you naturally get the “nods”.
  • Eat dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime and limit late-night snacks to lighter foods. Add milk to dinner. The calcium can help calm your brain for sleep.
  • Stay away from alcohol 2 hours before bedtime. Alcohol makes you fall asleep faster, but the quality of sleep is poor.


  • Get a big enough bed to stretch and turn comfortably. If you sleep on a queen size bed, you only get 30″ each. If space allows, upgrade to a king size.
  • The top of your bed is just as important as any of the rest of your sleep set, you just replace it more often. Choose good mattress pads, pillows, and sheets every year. Wash your pillows seasonally and replace them annually.
  • Make time for peace and quiet. Do something that relaxes you prior to bedtime. Soft music, a warm bath, a puzzle, light reading.
  • Keep your room dark. Don’t allow early morning light if it’s not time to get up. If you need to sleep when it’s daylight, keep your room dark.
  • Keep your room quiet. If outside noise can’t be eliminated, use a fan to soften the sounds in your room.
  • Keep your room temperature where it makes sense for the bedding you use, not too cool and not too stuffy. Keep the air moving by cracking a window or running a fan on low.
  • Reserve your bed for sleeping. Refrain from watching TV or working on the next day’s activities in bed. When it’s time to go to bed, go to sleep.

By practicing healthy daytime and night-time habits as well as sleeping on a new two-sided bed from Golden-Fowler’s Traverse City Mattress & Back, your lifestyle will improve more than you ever imagined.

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