You can find 26 two-sided mattress models on display here at Golden-Fowler, and they are all made in Michigan!

What to consider when buying a mattress –
Buying a bed is like no other purchase. Choose your bed and dealer wisely, and you’ll be happy and comfortable for years to come. Make a poor choice, and you’ll regret it nightly. Shopping for a mattress seems to be a difficult and unpleasant task for many people. We thought it would be helpful to offer a few thoughts to help make the experience a favorable one. Obviously, the opinions expressed on this page are strictly those of Golden-Fowler.

Quality –
It’s helpful to know how the finest beds are made. Then, find one that suits your needs and offers as many fine features as possible, within your budget. There is comfort and quality in every price range. The trick is to find it. Remember, it’s important to purchase the best mattress and the best shoes you can (or will) afford because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other!

Mattress coils don’t always count –
There is no single feature that makes one mattress different or better than the other. The entire product – materials, amount of materials, construction process and tailoring methods – has to be taken into account. The core of a mattress, and what actually provides most of the support, is the steel innerspring unit. It doesn’t matter how many coils it has. The overall poundage of steel and its configuration impress us as being far more important. Better quality lines of bedding should have more steel at the core, and it should be configured in a way to provide weight-balanced support for each sleeper and be able to contour to the curve of the sleeper’s body. Then the innerspring unit, and the rest of the padding materials, can fill in the small of the back and the back of the knees. This allows the muscles to relax, as they don’t have to work overtime to keep the spine straight. The result is a more restful, and peaceful night’s sleep. Counting coils seems to have become, in our opinion, a somewhat unreliable indicator of quality. According to industry buzz, sales people who knew little about the product they were selling, started talking about the number of coils in a mattress. It sounded good, and a sales person didn’t need in-depth knowledge of a product to sell it. Consumers thought it sounded authoritative, and, word traveled fast. We prefer to measure a mattress’ value by using the amount of working steel wire, material cost and quality, and motion separation.

Edges –
Extra reinforcement around the perimeter of the mattress adds durability, longevity and comfort to a mattress. A proper edge allows increases the sleeping surface from one edge of the mattress to the other, adding 15% more practical sleeping surface for each of you. A good edge keeps the bed’s shape and prevents collapse when sitting on the side of the bed.

When you start shopping – determine your comfort level –
Lie on different beds to see what type of comfort (firm, plush, pillow-top) appeals to you. There should be a selection of comfort at every price level.

Questions to ask while shopping:

  • Ask how it’s made.
  • Ask what makes one bed more expensive than the other. Is there more true quality to justify the additional cost or just more profit for the manufacturer? Expect knowledgeable answers.
  • Ask about delivery procedure and service.
  • Ask about comfort guarantees: What happens to beds that a customer has tried for a week, two weeks, a month or two months?
    It’s against most local health codes to ever deliver a bed as new that was returned by another customer. It’s never a concern at Golden-Fowler because we deliver only factory fresh mattresses, in factory sealed packaging. The bed is not unwrapped until it reaches the customer’s home.
  • Is it a true sale price or marked up to be marked down? If the price suddenly drops, as you get ready to walk, it was too high to begin with.
  • Ask about model names. Many major manufacturers give the same bed different names for every store. This makes comparison-shopping difficult, and some sales people tend to make ‘mistakes’ when asked about the names and quality levels of their beds. Major national manufacturers make one collection of mattresses, and then give it numerous names so that several neighboring retailers and national chains can have a “different” mattress.
  • Ask what’s inside and you’ll discover not similarities, but the exact same mattress you saw down the street!
  • Ask about warranty issues. Some manufacturers will offer a 10-year warranty on a bed designed to last 4 or 5 years. In the entire industry, warranties cover defects that occur at the time of manufacture. If a spring pops out of the mattress that’s a defect. If the mattress starts to sag and lose its comfort after 10 years, that’s normal wear and tear.
  • In the event there is a problem, will the retailer handle it for you? Or are you on your own to fight with a distant company? At Golden-Fowler, we’ll take care of it for you locally.
  • Does the sales person truly care about your satisfaction, comfort, budget, and particular needs, or does he/she just care about the extra commission they’ll receive for selling a particular product or model?

We’ll answer all of your questions to the best of our ability and help you choose the right mattress for you and your partner. We’ll then deliver exactly the product you have chosen in a timely, efficient manner, and take care of any problems that might arise in the process.

The difference is: We Care. We know that a happy customer is our best recommendation!